[ANNOUNCEMENT] PYRAMID8 Studios - Sydney Seaplanes

Hi guys thought its time to share some progress shots on my upcoming payware scenery. This is a nice little area in Sydney, Australia I wanted to recreate for us to enjoy in MSFS.


Looks great! Watching this topic :wink:

This is one for @Megadyptes7635 ’s list!
(Can’t find that post now so tagging ya here)


That looks really cool. The sim can always do with more sea plane bases! Thanks for the tag @Baracus250, I rarely check this part of the forum so most likely would’ve missed it.

This is the thread BTW:

I’ll update it to include this when it’s released.


Thank you for the kind words @Baracus250 @Megadyptes7635 !


Looks great so far. Will ot be compatible with Orbx Sydney Landmarks?

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Hi @CaptHawkeye50 yes it will be :slight_smile:


This looks phenomenal.

Thank you @BegottenPoet228 much appreciated :smiley:

Ok guys a quick update! Decided to go ahead and do custom vegetation for the scenery. I think the results are looking promising. I’ve kept performance in mind using low draw calls and lods. Enjoy…


Hi all!

Thought its time to share another quick update and our first one for 2024.

I’ve been hard at work in between my other commitments to get this fun scenery out to you all. There’s not much left, however I do aim to take this scenery to the next level, so:

  1. we’ve started adding the clutter
  2. working on the night lighting
  3. custom terrain and precise terraforming
  4. animated objects / people
  5. working on the surrounding wharfs and restaurants
  6. and we hope to add in Cottage Point in the initial release so you can do some flights over there!

A lot of our objects will have conditions added to them depending on time of day, weather etc… stay tuned

And please do follow us on Instagram! @pyramid8studios

Enjoy ( all images are WIP)


Final shots! Enjoy :slight_smile:


Hi all!

Just an update that our product will be released in the coming weeks through Orbx and MSFS marketplace!

View the product page below:


Really looking forward to this one.

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Hi all, Pyramid 8 Studios YRAY is out now on ORBX, please join our discord for support Pyramid8Studios, also happy to talk here.

Hope you all enjoy and have fun with our first product, always looking for feedback too!


Grabbed this over the weekend and also redeemed most of my Orbx Orbs I’ve been sitting on to get the Sydney Cityscape to go with it.

It’s very well done! I have done the trip to the Cottage Inn restaurant a couple of times already and can find it without a map now lol

The detailing is very cool. Love the jogger on the promenade! I wish there was something more for helicopters though haha. I found this pack which also works with the Orbx scenery but I wonder if there is anything else better to compliment this Seaplane station?

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Thanks for your support I really appreciate it! And really happy to hear you’re enjoying it.

I’ve had a few requests for helipads so I think I might add some optional helipads in the up coming version. These will be fictional helipads, let’s what I can come up with.

Shouldn’t take too long on my end :slight_smile:


Sounds great! And yeah if they are fantasy I’d definitely make them as a separate mod “expansion file” that you can add alongside if you want. I like fictional fun and interesting airfields but I appreciate some people only like things that are actually there in reality!

I have a few locations that would be ideal that I could send you if you want, but I don’t want to spoil your fun lol. DM me if you want and I can send some screenshots / map :slight_smile:

Sure send me something through! We are working on a small fun pack to release as a seperate package :slight_smile: