Hellot there!

We are happy to announce the next Airport we are currently working on. U70 Cascade is our first regional airport that we are currently working on. Located right at Cascade Lake and just 40 miles from 3U2 Johnson Creek, U70 Cascade is the perfect place to start your backcountry trip into the iconic mountains of Idaho. KYML McCall is also just a hop away!

U70 Cascade features highly detailed buildings and assets, textured with the latest PBR standard. Animated objects like flags, people and much, much more. Today we’ll show you some images of the Arnold Aviation Service and the surrounding hangars. Stay tuned for the next update, there is much more to see!


Time for another update. We spend the last two weeks for adding more details and life to the scenery and get all the taxiways and apron right according the original airport. We also finished all surrounding buildings like the Cascade Food Pantry and the High Mountain Storage. Stay tuned for the next update.


Man, how cool. My very first GA flight was with Arnold himself. I had a family friend in Cascade that knew him and he took us to breakfast at ID74 Sulphur Creek in his C185. Can’t wait for the release!

Here we are again, back with a new update. We spend a lot time in adding more details and the last missing assets around the airport including the Alzar School and Cascade Depot. Currently we are fixing the last remaining bugs before we will release U70 Cascade pretty soon.