Annoying (front up) camera tilt in cockpit view with some aircraft

I’m using the HP Reverb G2 and in the cockpit of the A320 I notice a backwards tilt. It’s a back to front tilt of about 10 degrees. Forward is going up and backwards is sloping down.

Not in external view. Here everything is level.

This might be an aircraft specific problem. Some planes have it and others don’t. The Citation Longitude was perfectly level.

Unfortunately there is no way to adjust the camera tilt for the cockpit when in VR mode.

When I look out and taxi, it feels like the taxiway is always going uphill. When you switch to external view it is all fine. It’s only the cockpit view.

Great first release for VR! I love it and it works surprisingly well, but more fine tuning required! World scale and camera level tilt to begin with.

Press the space bar and tilt your head down while resetting centre and see if that helps. Not 100% sure it will help or not though

no, it doesn’t work like this.

if I tilt head down with spacebar, it centres everything but still with head down.

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