Another Lisbon Arrival

This evening I enjoyed my third evening in a row operating the Flybywire A32NX to and from Lisbon, making the most of the updated Portuguese scenery from WU8 combined with MK Studio’s Humberto Delgado Airport.

My flight back into LPPT was the reverse of yesterday’s outbound sector, operating as TAP1127 up from Tenerife.

After a foggy departure, I climbed up to cruise altitude and had a had a scroll through the route NOTAM’s. I find it very interesting that Simbrief allows us to access and read the same info real world crews would be seeing for the area currently. I thought I’d make a point of documenting the content to look back on in the future with both COVID restrictions and Ukrainian airspace closures really defining this era in history…

Real world weather provided a light westerly crosswind at my arrival time, allowing me to finally make a landing on runway 03 with an extremely scenic final approach course over the Tagus river mouth, 25 de Abril Bridge and photogramic city centre.