Another Vpilot Model matching discussion

Ok so I recently delved into what many others have done on a VMR file for model matching. I ran into the usual problems of some liveries being repeated on certain aircraft and after a bit of head scratching contacted the creator of the VMR generator to see if he had figured the way round it.

For those who dont know the problem is for certain aircraft models i.e a330, which ever livery loads in first is then used against all of that aircraft type regardless of the airline and what the model matching rules say.

What seems to be clear is that the problem lies with 3rd party aircraft that are not available in the market place as from my side this affects the a330, a321 and dash8, where as the a32nx and CRJ are fine. What isnt clear is if there is anyway round this. So my question is Has anyone found a way to reliably display multiple 3rd party models not available on the marketplace with different liveries in the same place? And if not I assume asobo already know?

Appologies if this is a repeat I did a quick search but most of what i could find were questions on whether model matching is available.

Yeah, i use the IVAO models for VATSIM. They look a bit bad and outdated but better than nothing and it is free anyway…

nah thats not what i mean but thanks anyway,
I mean a work around that actually address’ the MSFS 3rd party liveries showing what ever loads first imo the IVAO models are horrible as for me most of the time liveries didnt show anyway and quite often just got generic asobo polygon. Id rather have a livery repeated than that as im sure you understand :stuck_out_tongue:

Its just strange that this only affects the 3rd party aircraft not available in game and means that there has got to be an addressable reason behind it that asobo could look into :eyes:

Are we talking about VATSIM now or AI traffic in the sim outside of VATSIM?

Sorry but i dont exactly understand what you mean.
But yes, as you already know the liveries in MSFS get repeated and AFAIK, theres no workaround yet.
But the method above works, but if you dont like it, then u have to live with the duplicated liveries.

VATSIM on vpilot as is stated in the title. Its not all liveries its only on 3rd party aircraft that are not available in the market place which is why it seems there would be something asobo could do about it. And like i say i used the IVAO file up until a couple of weeks ago and it wasnt as good as a customised VMR. As more often than not the generic asobo polygon aircraft would appear.

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