Another way to use iPad as a second screen

Hello everyone. For anyone who’s struggling to use Spacedesk, I found the app “Duet” works very nicely with a PC.

I did have some stutters, not sure why, still trying to figure out a way to stop them, but the nice thing is that the iPad can be connected via the USB cable and therefore there is no lag or latency when using it.

Hope it helps. If anyone can help with the stutters it’ll be greatly appreciated.

Happy new year.

Here’s the link

Duet’s tech support is a JOKE. They have been trying to fix some problems I had for over a year and now they have simply stopped responding. Not impressed.

I use duet and it works well enough. Now if Asobo could fix the big FPS drop when popping out a display that would be great!

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That seems to have been fixed. When was the last time you tried it? Huge improvements in frame rates now with pop outs.

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I haven’t played in a couple of weeks being busy with other stuff. What update fixed it? Is there a entry in a change log?

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No, but there is a definite improvement. Try it.

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Top for using duet: Reduce FPS settings to 30. This fixes the crashes from time to time.

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How do you do that exactly?

In the Due Desktop app -> Settings -> Reduce from 60 to 30 FPS.

I’ll try that.

I’ve been having issues with the touch displays though