Antarctic Airports

Where are the Antarctic Airports like NZIR ? Microsoft flight simulator said that you can fly anywhere so why are they not included???

You can fly anywhere in the map, but they are not going to hand build an airport in the middle of no where if it is not highly recognized or requested. You can report missing airports or build your own using the SDK. (note: I’m not even sure if Ice runways are simulated for that matter. That may be part of the issue)

i did try an airport or two in the antractic… maybe not that specific one, but yeah you can fly there, dunno why you’d want to though coz there’s absolutely nothing there… not even penguins.

edit: okay i do have navigraph data on, so maybe that’s why i saw airports there?

They said you could fly anywhere; they didn’t say anything about landing. :stuck_out_tongue:

They probably don’t have much good imagery for Antarctica for generating them, I bet? There are other places like that, too. :small_airplane: :smile_cat:

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That’s right; nothing there. Especially not secret alien bases! :flying_saucer: :alien:


I hear if you’re flying one of these, then airports and landings become available…


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Shhhhh! :shushing_face:

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If you land, and see some dog running towards you, don’t take him in, shoot the dog!

We discussed this subject here. If you look for my comment, you’ll see you can find two Antarctic airports.