Antarctica Airports Missing!

I have live weather to fly at about 8 different Airports in Antarctica from the third Party Software called Rex 2020 Weather Force however when I fire up MSFS 2020 these Antarctic Airports do not exist !! Two I will mention here are ICAO code NZPG - Mc Murdo Station Antarctica and another is NZSP - South Pole Research Station Antarctica. It would be so much fun to fly from the South Pole in live weather and an added bonus to see the Magnetic Compass Spin like crazy as everywhere from here would be North ! Please design team add some Antarctic Airports especially the one at the exact South Pole. I have nothing to say about the North Pole because it is just open frozen ocean.

Antartica has a lot of problem… I totaly agree! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Maybe Asobo are planning ahead for when it disappears completely due to global warming :frowning:


In the world map, click “Filters”, then scroll to Airports to select the types of airport shown on the map. You may not have all the types selected. If you zoom in on Antarctica from the world map, you will see little white dots that represent smaller airfields. I was able to find: SAYB - Base Belgrano II Airport, NZPG - McMurdo Station.

did you submit it as a bug? I’ve also found a few airports that were not in sim… Gambell airport PAGM and Savoonga Airport PASA on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. I’ve submitted both via zendesk.

This was a serious bummer on my world tour when I was at Ushuaia and looking for a not-so-long next leg.

I think I ended up going to Easter Island (Where I didn’t find any stone heads).

Hahahahaha funny Wieldychunk3693 , :blush::blush::blush: however just a FYI , the ice there on Antarctica is roughly 2 miles deep , however should that ice melt away by global warming there will still be solid rock earth left behind !! It is considered a Continent.

Thanks for that Info , for some reason McMurdo Station does not come up when you put the ICAO code into the search window.

Good Work !!

Probably some Flat Earthers working at Asobo.

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It shows up for me in both the search window and the from/to searches using both NZPG and “McMurdo”. I wonder why you don’t see it.

Someone’s made some Antarctic airports here -

The South Pole is an impossibility. Go there and find out why.

Basically they’ve made the world out of square meshes I presume. The closer you are to the poles the more they’re squeezed. At the actual poles you can’t see an aircraft. All you get is blue and white streaks.

I noticed mesh problems near macmurdo too.
Reported to zendesk.

Murdo Station exist in Fs2020 ?
It would be great, I will test …

So have anyone tried to do flights via the north pole or extremely south ? For example Newark to Tokyo via North Pole Route ? Is it possible or will it end in ctd s ?

Was hoping this would be here. Very disappointed that Svalbard Airport (ICAO: ENSB), which runs commercial flights, was missing. I was going to check Antarctica next.

I was able to use Antartica fine just the other week just tried to today, absolutely no POIs or Airports available so stabbing in the dark despite having tried to uninstall and reinstall multiple times.