Antonov AN-225 throttle controls

Antonov AN-225 and the Honeycomb Bravo controller. Has anyone figured out if it is possible to break up the engines into groups controlled by the four throttle controls? Like throttle 1 does engine 1 and throttle 2 engines 2 & 3 and so on. Right now throttle 1 does engines 1,2, & 3. Throttle 4 does engines 4,5, & 6. Just wondering.

Any luck with this?

1 for 123 and 4 for 456 is what we have for now. i believe IniBuiilds is looking into multi engine control. It is/was a sim limitation

We now have 16 engine support built-into the sim, however someone forgot to add Controls Options for Throttles/Mixtures/Propellers/Etc. for engines 5-16.

We can’t, exactly, individually control engines past 4 without control mappings.

I’m a little confused, my axis only up to #4, how do you get 5 & 6 ?

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You wait for Asobo to implement it! Ha!

It looks like an oversight was made when they upped the number of available engine simulations to 16. They forgot to offer control mappings for Engines 5-16.