Antwerp cathedral POI in WU4 in wrong location and wrong orientation

The new Antwerp cathedral POI is in the wrong location, and has the wrong orientation. It is put where there is a large square in reality (the ‘Groenplaats’). Where the cathedral should be, there is now this big procedurally generated church.
Maybe if someone fixes this, they could also change the procedurally generated building that is now representing the ‘Boerentoren’, to have the correct height as well? It was the first skyscraper of Europe in the 1930s if I’m not mistaken.
The Antwerp skyline is basically defined by just 2 buildings, which are located very close together: the cathedral and the ‘boerentoren’. Now one is missing entirely and the other is in the wrong location.

I do like the addition of the churches in this update, they help a lot with navigation in my otherwise flat country.

it also was positioned with a south orientation where it should be oriented west towards the river

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When u take off from rwy 29 EBAW. Once in the air you can see on the highway on your left side white terrain from cloud in data. Is there any way to fix this?

Just adding some screenshots for the devs. :slight_smile:

I have reported today the same issue because as belgian citizen it’s weird to see remarquable POI’s so misplaced. I suppose not checked by the autor(s) via airial and/or satellite views before fixing in the scenery. Therefor my advise to always check virtual content with real situation before publishing, thanks.

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Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal, a church in Antwerpen, Belgium is placed into the wrong location. The POI is placed on the adjecent square called ‘Groenplaats’ and not on its correct location. I have attached 2 screenshots to clarify.

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[Belgium] [Antwerpen] or via airport EBAW and then towards the city

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Go to the world map, easiest way is to find EBAW Airport, and the look for the nearby POI. Verify the POI marker is also placed wrong and when starting the sim you notice the church is placed wrong as well…

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Well, it looks like the cathedral is still in situated on “De Groenplaats” square and not on the correct location. It’s strange to fly over it, because you see the miss placed cathedral and a flat picture of the real cathedral on the correct spot.

Download the new scenery Antwerp and the 2 churches are ok