Any 3rd party announced realistic single-props?


Does anyone know if there are any announced plans / release dates for more realistic / study like single-props like those from A2A or aerosoft?

Although the current GA planes are quite fun, they will obviously never have the simulation / extra details as those made by certain 3rd party developers, so I’m curious if there are any known developments in this area…

And please don’t mention Carenado :wink:


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All i know from A2A is that they are checking out how easy/not easy it isto convert their planes into MSFS2020, if it is easy we might see them arrive faster than we realize.

Thanks for the update, let’s hope it is easy enough for them

Well, actually I do hope it’s not too easy because ‘easy’ would mean we would be getting FSX/P3D-like graphics… and I don’t want that. I absolutely would LOVE to have the A2A Comanche in MSFS but ONLY if all graphics are 100% MSFS-like, so with real reflections, real time lighting, etc. I don’t want any straightforward and simple ports in MSFS with reflections painted on the windows and highlights baked into the cockpit, no thank you. :sunglasses:


You’re correct about that! I’d definitely want to see those minimal requirements as well.

Absolutley agree, I’m looking forward to some study level aircraft, but i’m not a fan of the gold rush to port stuff quickley. I would hope that the developers take their time to make the most of the platform they are developing for rather than looking for short cuts.

Unless I misunderstood on their forums, they aren’t planning on remaking their current FSX/P3D fleet for MSFS. They’ll be moving on to different aircraft starting with the Aerostar.

Here is the forum post:

We’re going through what works and what doesn’t in terms of our existing fleet with 2020, but it’s a process of testing things and compiling a list of results. If it turns out things work 100% then we would likely bring the entire fleet into 2020 rather quickly. There are still things being worked out with 2020 in terms of this compatibility.

In the meantime we don’t want people moving planes in for several reasons. One is the files are only licensed for the platform they were designed for. The other is we don’t want a 1/2 baked version out there with our name on it.

If the process is simple then we would likely make official installers for a much reduced price. If there are big issues, then we will just have to see what is possible. But again, as of right now we are in the midst of doing these tests to see where things stand.

But clearly, from our POV we would love to fly our Accu-Sim airplanes in 2020. We will keep you updated and thank you also for asking. I would expect to hear something definitive from us very soon.


Looks like that was posted since I last was on their forums. Good to know I misunderstood the initial post.