Any Clubs or Groups in the PNW?

Any Clubs or Groups in the PNW?

Just me and you flying around

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I am in the upper left corner. Put me down :small_airplane:

Ill jump in.

Enjoy flying up there in the hopes ill get to move back to OR someday.

1st time simmer here in the PNW, I’d be down :slight_smile:

Just need to figure out how to make one :sweat_smile:

I’ll get you all invited once I make the group.

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I’m in the PNW. Would be cool to some bush flying.

Give this a try, all new to me :wink:
Use your MS or Xbox account to login, I think :thinking:

Msg me on discord

I am totally up for that. DigitalThemePark even has a Pacific NorthWest “BearPaw” Achievement Flight available they are starting soon.

What is this exactly?

Oops forgot the link. Age creeping up on me. Thanks for asking.

Awesome, thanks, never knew about this.

I’m always flying around either Clallam county area, or Olympia area up to Clallam over hood canal and or Renton Seattle area and or from Olympia to Portland…

So far been enjoying sim using my favorite Cessna skyhawk hence the name…

As promised, here is the info for the Saturday flights:

Portland here. IRL flown to Orcas and Friday Harbor as well as Paine, Boeing Field, OLY and others to the south scattered about the 50 mile range from HIO during flight training.

Currently intending to fly in the group on Saturday morning over the Grand Canyon. Still new to this version and have not flown but a few times. I am using the CH Fighterstick, Pro Throttle and Pro Rudders. Flight Stick and Rudders work as expected, but my throttle only goes from idle to full throttle with a 2 second lag. So I have set up my Fighterstick’s wheel axis for throttle and it works as expected. I’ve only flown with it for a few landing challenges.

IRL C140, C150, C152, C172, PA-160 Warrior and PA180 Archer.

Complete newbie here… interested in joining and learning from you all

Hollowhound666 is my name on msfs2020 i live in olympia if anyone wants to join up :slight_smile:

Group has migrated. Come on in and join.

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I’m in… Bush flying and currently my 930 is in Japan on an around the world backwards tour that started in Portland Oregon at KPDX.