Any commercial Israel sceneries available?

I want to make a few flights for discovering Israel. After a search, I found some Freeware like

but absolute NO Payware addons like, e.g., Ben Gurion which is available for other sims.

Does anyone know any Payware addons available or in the making? Thanks!

Hey there.
I am one of VDG’s developers. A payware scenery for Ben Gurion airport by Daviv Rosenfeld is in the making. Please visit this link for more details:

Other than that we try to deliver payware quality freewares though we still have a lot to improve as we are doing those addons on our very limited free time. If you have any questions regarding flying in Israel and about addons, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Thank you, that Ben Gurion looks certainly great. Count me in as a potential customer.

Kind regards, Michael

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What’s your target release date? Very exciting.

Its not my scenery but David Rosenfeld’s.
My sceneries are published on VDG.

PG for Jerusalem would be amazing, but seems like an unrealistic pipedream at this point.

There is actually an Israeli company that creates photogrammeetry for Israeli cities. They did Jerusalem:

I tried to spoke with them to bring their models into MSFS but I dont know if they have any plans of doing so

Not sure about photogrammetry, at least not, if it looks alike London. I probably would prefer a Jerusalem POI package, except the PG is really well done.

And here’s the good news:


Happy that a decent company is making it, sad that since this is aerosoft, probably $35? :sweat_smile:

Look at my Israeli Objects scenery. It has some objects for Jerusalem too:


Thank you very much. Just downloaded and will try it tonight.

Ben Gurion just released by Aerosoft

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Good to see some scenery is getting made for Israel. Not many places in the world with more religious, cultural, historical and contempory political significance. It would be great to get a chance to explore the major sites in high detail.


Your Israeli Scenery is FANTASTIC!

Just downloaded it all after trying out Megiddo Airfield!

Superb work!

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Thanks, guys. We are trying to update the sceneries more often and make a better website for them all. Right now we publish on all Israel’s addons and I hope we’ll get more stuff on
Right now we dont have much of spare time for development but hopefully in future we will.


Thanks! I live not far from LLMG it was one of my goals to create a high quality renidition of it in MSFS :slight_smile:

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I bought SamScene3D Israel (being effectively Jerusalem + Tel Aviv) upon release. A first excursion over Jerusalem went well, but I have quite a lot of Israel freeware installed. I removed a couple of freebies including Temple Square which obviously would conflict.

Far away airports like Haifa shouldn’t disturb and I left them.

However, can anyone comment on the more global sceneries by Bar Roday (VFR Objects, Cell Towers, Vegetation)?

I was a bit surprised no one mentioned SamScene3D in this forum as I find his sceneries well-done in general.

yes, i bought and installed it too. The my only complain is that It is heavy on FPS and all heli landing pads are not land able

I had a few SamScene3D sceneries work well, but had a bad experience with their Chongqing causing CTD every time I went near the downtown area that I never could resolve. Is their Israel causing CTD?