Any interest in a tool that lets you override VR cockpit position?

So has this tool been released? (I don’t see a link in this thread).

I do as @WideTracking does although I have my seat movements and VR recenter set to a button box for ease of use. Sure it also takes 5 seconds but agree it can be tedious, having a tool that remembers each planes exact VR view upon start would be great :slightly_smiling_face:

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It has not been released yet. I haven’t had a ton of time to work on this project unfortunately, but I am continuing to work on it and do intent to release it. Will keep everyone posted about progress when I have something worthwhile to share.


Any update? Thanks

Just noticed this thread.
I have no need for such a tool, because I have assigned buttons on my yoke as well as my hotas to move my position inside the cockpit.
In Cockpit Camera one can assign to translate position left, right, forward and aft, as well as move up and down.
This way I can adjust my sitting position in VR to wherever I need to.

Except that these controls are not stepwise and hard to get right (very sensitive movement), they don’t get remembered session to session (possibly even when going internal to external to internal) and are reset whenever need to Reset HMD View.

Using custom views is not a perfect solution because last I checked Reset HMD View will reset to the default, not custom position

Asobo really just needs a simple dialog box with clicky controls in the game, per-aircraft, like iRacing or Euro Truck Sim, that sets your default head position

Sorry to piggyback this thread with a question… I have the up/down/fore/aft/left/right controls all memorized for head position… is there currently a “tilt up” / “tilt down” keyboard command for VR headset modification of head position? (I haven’t found it (obviously) though I’ve looked)

I’ve not yet encountered a VR game that takes into account overriding headset pitch. Or roll, for that matter.

Are you still working on this tool? Also would it enable preferred seat positions for 2D and VR positions, I believe there are two config file entries?

Yes I would try this tool out. I also wish we had access to the position of the pop out windows for things like ATC and Navigraph so they could be modified in VR like I did in P3D. Apparently they exist in the cloud and not on our PCs so there’s no config file to modify like in the Missionpanels config file in P3D.

Unfortunately, no new updates at the moment. I think SU10 may have changed some of the underlying behavior, so I will need to revisit.

Primary use would be to set initial VR cockpit position, but it shouldn’t be too hard to extent the functionally to 2D cockpit position, since it is just another entry in the config file.

Not sure how configurable the pop-out Windows are, but I find them fairly easy to drag around and reposition in VR.