Any map or web site to inform with detail about the improved World Updates?

Can anybody tell me where I can find a complete map of zones that have been photorealistically improved by Asobo so far? (not 3rd party addons, I prefer to leave PACKAGES folder empty).

I am new with the simmulator and I can see that US has a lot of places/cities with plenty of detail, and the difference between those zones and others is like night and day.

I don’t know what exactly cover an specific “World Update” (I think so far there have been 5 world updates). I don’t know if a World Update usually modifies an speccific country completely (ortophotos, cities, roads, airports, coasts, trees, monuments, POI, etc), or only focus on specific details of some cities.

I am sure there must be any place on the internet informing with detail about the progress of these updates and the actual state of the simulator, showing us what are exactly the most improved places to visit.

In the news and announcements category of the forum you’ll find every update, both sim updates and world updates announcements in there with all the details including the new points of interest, cities and airports updated in each world update.

This is the first one, Japan:

This is what you’re looking for

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Thank you very much, it seems to be a good map to explore.

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