Any News on Cockpit Share for MS Flight Simulator?

Asobo have announced any news on the cockpit sharing feature ?

Hi there!
All news & announcements for any in-game additions would be included with the release notes. Those go into #community:news-and-announcements

You can click on the “bell” to be notified of any announcements in that category and if want to restrict the notifications only to release notes, put a watch on this tag: #patch-notes

The Feedback Snapshot will also list some estimated timelines. This is also in the #community:news-and-announcements category and you can put a watch that with the #dev-update tag.

In the last live Q&A with devs, we got a tiny bit of information:
2 major requirements

  • expose sim variables and networking
  • adapt networking to handle the added workload
    They said they would soon have a dedicated team working in it, with some already at work.

It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to hear and see more!
For those interested in being able to see an eventual release time, vote on the wishlist item so it can show in the feedback snapshot wishlist.

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In the meantime you can use Yourcontrols. Works quite OK, nor perfect though (not so robust)

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