Any payware AI in development?

Would love to see something similar to Flight1 Ultimate Traffic in the sim: - Flight Simulator Add-ons for FSX and Prepar3D

Worked beautifully in the other sims with minimal performance impact…

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agree to it!

The world is waiting for AIG to do their magic.
If it gets as good as in FSX/P3D will be superior to any payware on the planet.

We def need this ASAP. I’d pay good money for it. It’s taking too long now.


AIG will be freeware :wink:

Will be the same data for both Simulators^^

I hope it will the same as in FSX P3D. Converting flightplans, models and liveries manually or automaticly. I so enjoyed doing it manually in P3D. It took me days but my world was filled with all the airliners and real flightplans wordwide. Can’t wait. I hope it won’t be a debacle as Sophie did with FSTL

Just heard back from Flight1. They’re doing research at the moment and considering stability of the sim (so that development time is not wasted). Asobo - hope you’re able to connect directly with this dev please…

AIGAIM OCI is running stable on the test system (code part). Problems are currently related to models and FDEs, until they are not fixed we will not relaese. We said always we are aiming for a release in Q4 2021 (it was and is still a realistc target), if it is done earlier we will relase it then, if it is not done in Q4 2021 we will release later. Our goal is to bring high quality to MSFS like we did for all other Simulators so far :slight_smile:

all AI developers are doing this at the moment… ASOBO/MS has ignored AIG so far :frowning:


‌simple traffic is out now, bought it through the aerosoft website, it’s not on the marketplace yet.
Am very satisfied, all planes have tectures, no more ugly Asobo planes. Had to put it at 20% in Brussels because it was queuing at the holding point.
I already had other traffic tools like IVAO, but then saw a lot of weird airlines that were not normal in Brussels.
In China you see many Chinese airlines. The planes you see are the normal airlines that are active in that place.
You can’t beat it for the price,

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AIG’s freeware AI Manager has been out since early November and is fabulous. As a long-time user of Flight1’s wonderful Ultimate Traffic in P3D I can say that the AIG product is as good or better (and it’s still in beta)!

+1 for Aerosoft Tool Simple Traffic