Any planes with automatic altitude adjust?

I’m not sure if this is even a feature IRL, but is there anything that will automatically adjust your altitude based on your flight plan? For example, if I was cruising at 15000 ft and then needed to descend to 10000 for the next checkpoint, is there an autopilot mode that handles this?

Vnav but it is not fully implemented as if yet. They are still working on it.

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Hopefully the navlog in the future will be adjustable per checkpoint and will transfer over to the flight computer. I do have ILS autolands down in a couple of the planes and VNAV would be the next great feature if ATC will start recognizing glide slopes far out from all airports.

Yeah, I have noticed that particularly is rnav approaches you have to ignore atc. I really hope that add the ability to make altitude adjustments to eahc waypoint as well. I tried editing the plan file and I could open it but then I wouldn’t actually load to the plane with the new altitudes.

Aw, bummer. That’s literally the last button in the G1000 that I didn’t know about, hah. :sweat_smile: Hopefully it gets implemented soon!