Any PXN 2119 HOTAS Owners Kind Enough to Share Your Key Mapping?

MSFS 2020 was my pandemic escape (more constructive than learning to bake), and I purchased a gaming laptop specifically to enjoy the sim. After a very pleasant year of rekindling my childhood love affair with flight simulators, I decided it was time to upgrade my entry level flight stick from the Logitech 3D Pro.

So I just purchased a new PXN 2119, and it just arrived today. Yes I knew about the language barrier and the strong either “love it” or “hate it” reviews by other users, but I decided to roll the dice anyway. I have done my best to map it out axis by axis and button by button and right now its basically set up just like my old 3D Pro… except now I have the fancy new throttle with all its available buttons, sliders, and dials just begging to be used. I am not sure the best way to map them. There are very few guides and the ones I found only cover the basics, which I was able to accomplish on my own. I know you are able to save your configuration of a controller to a file, would anybody be willing to share a copy of the setup you are running right now?

I feel like trying out first hand the configurations other users have done to customize their setup would help me a great deal in perfecting my own.

Any help is greatly appreciated, even if it simply to say I made a big mistake and should return it and spring the extra $50 for the Logitech version. For the next 29 and half days, sending it back is just as much a viable solution as anything else so I look forward to your advice and thoughts.

Hey there sorry if I’m late to the forums but do you have a control mapping for all of the buttons for the PXN 2119?

Hey Welcome to the Forums!

I actually ended up returning the PXN HOTAS for the Thrustmaster version because of the lack of key mapping. Also, I was disappointed by the fact that the stick was supposed to have “force feedback” but lacked any type of driver to make it work with MSFS.

I do have one suggestion for you, and I hope it helps. Search for the Thrustmaster HOTAS key mapping for MSFS and you should be able to pull up a pdf file that gives you a diagram of the default setup for the simulator. Since both the PXN and Thrustmaster share a similar button layout, you can probably use that as a good road map to manually map out all your buttons.

Good Luck!