Any suggestions for performance?

Sim Update 5 did not help my performance one single bit. It actually made it worse and its really unfortunate because there was a ton of hype behind this update. Earlier on I used to get really smooth gameplay and high FPS but that changed pretty quickly and I haven’t experienced smoothness since then. My game sits in the 50s-60s and drops into the 40s occasionally, but its just extremely choppy and I get lag spikes all the time. I’m not sure what else to do because this ruins the experience. Lowering settings never work. I want to enjoy this simulator but I can’t. The performance simply makes it unenjoyable. For reference, I get a solid 60FPS and buttery smooth gameplay on X-Plane 11. It feels a lot more crisp when I switch simulators. MSFS is so slow and sluggish.

I have a Ryzen 5 2600x with GTX 1660 Super and 16GB of RAM 3000MHz

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My performance has improved quite a bit. For the first time London is SMOOTH in VR, but it was never that bad and I managed to get great performance everywhere else in VR.

There are so many configurations and hardware setups with MSFS on top of that people’s expectations are all different as well.

If you’ve got a struggling system which maxes out the GPU and CPU then it’s highly unlikely you’ll get good performance from this patch.

Go back over the settings and dial it back - those who managed to get reasonable fps with an overhead in GPU and CPU will get better results in this patch. Potentially that should include everybody but if folks are asking too much of their systems they are setting themselves up for failure.

I found my sweetspot for performance with these settings:

FPS locked at 30, High-End settings except for Terrain Vector Data and Volumetric Clouds both set to Ultra.

Render Scaling: 100 (upscaling is guaranteed a loss in FPS)
Terrain LOD: 200
Objects LOD: 200

I also pumped up all ship traffic to 100 on both sliders - just because I like some life on the sea.

i7-4770@3.4GHz - 32GB - 1TB SSD - GTX 1070

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