Any way for Color Saturation?

Try changing colour settings in accessibility. I had opposite problem, but changes have made it much better for me - more vivid.

Does it work with HMD? I was under the Impression that Reshade only affects 2D, also i am not sure regarding performance and stability, and last but not least, the risk over completely having to reinstall/redownload 130GB in worst case.
Do you use it sucessfully with HMD?

Can you please elaborate which settings you mean? Settings over Nvidia dont affect 2D, tried Nvidia Freestyle, got it working finally, only to discover it also only works in 2D.

Within the game go to accessibility in assistance and you’ll see an option to change the way the game looks. Sorry I don’t have it open as at work and as I said it worked for me to ENhance colours - not sure if it will do what you want but worth a try. You will know you have changed it as menu colours will change. There are various options - I have not tried them all so not sure if this will resolve your issue. Good luck.

I’m sure you’ve tried it but digital vibrance in nvidia control panel changes colour.

UserCfg.opt file - Set ColorGrading in the VR section (usually at the bottom of the page) to the following, you can revert it later if you don’t like the setting.

ColorGrading 0

For more granular control, someone here suggested Reshade.

OK, will try, never looked into this option. Thanks!

Already tried this option to chaage ColorGrading to 0 / 1 , but doesnt seem to have an effect, at least i cant make out a difference. I always take basic FS flight school Mission as reference, Hills are bright orange, the greens as well. Regarding Reshade, does it really work with VR?

There’s an app called FpsVR on Steam that has RGB color settings under the Advanced section. It works for my Index, but I’m not sure if it will work for other headsets.

unfortunately digital vibrance in nvidia control panel only affects monitor, not HMD.
In the beginning of VR it was possible to thinker with HMD settings in Control panel, but Nvidia disabled this functionality. Main reason was that HMD with OLED rely on certain contrast/brightness settings in order to show colors and produce a “sharp” image/pixel.
In some games you can circumvent this with game specific settings, in IL2 i found a way, DCS has a mod that also allows to adjust colors. Same would be needed for MSFS.

My bad, Reshade does not work with VR.

@ffrank - thanks for your input - Since i have MS Version of FS2020, i dont run Steam/SteamVR at the moment. Wasnt a big fan of SteamVR in my Oculus days - used OpenComposite instead with much better performance and less stutter - But will take a look at suggested app if no other way in sight.

looked into the Acessibility menu, only found settings for menu color and opacity, nothing regarding game itself

If you alter these, the game will also look different.

Please vote:
[FEATURE REQUEST] Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing effect controls

And don’t forget adding a comment about adding extra controls for RGB saturation!

Just retried this setting, seems to make a slight difference, but not enough that i can say for sure. Not that easy to compare 1:1

I bet you are looking for this… use nvidia freestyle and enable the the relevant filter to adjust colours… the video shows the difference with the details filter applied…

@bodyspike - Thanks, but already tried, only changes filter on Monitor, not HMD - was also a hassle to get it working, needed an “older” Nvidia Driver or else gave an generic error message that no supported game was found. If anyone got it working with VR, i am listening!
But its def. an option for Monitor guys though.

Are you just saying or did you actually try it prior posting?

You might want to read, and vote, the aforementioned “feature request” too!

NB: you might also want reading in the aforementioned “feature request” topic why using freestyle can’t work as expected, if ever you do manage to just make it work in VR.

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