Any way to enable "secret" autopilot for Hughes H4 and Spirit of St Louis?

These two planes are meant to cross the Atlantic Ocean quite slowly. Is there a way to enable a secret autopilot via the systems.cfg file? I realize there won’t be a UI or autopilot panel, but I have key bindings for all of the basic autopilot functions.

I spent over an hour this morning working the H4 systems.cfg file with no luck. I tried the basics like changing “autopilot_available = 0” to “autopilot_available = 1”. I tried messing with the circuit breakers by changing the power from 0,0,22 to 10,15,22.

Nothing works.

This would be a huge help to the community if someone could come up with either a guide or an addon to add autopilot to these two long range aircraft.

The keybindings that I use are “Toggle Autopilot Master” and that works to engage the AP on any aircraft that has one by default.

I need to haul some WW2 troops to Europe!

Yes, that is possible and you almost got it. I think maybe you missed the disable autopilot controls line in the engine.cfg. In systems you need to add a autopilot circuit, I think the H4 already had a autopilot enabled, it was just missing the power to the autopilot.

I’ve tested the H4 and G21 Goose with the autopilot and they work fine. Very nice if you use the PMS50 gps mod as it has a autopilot panel in the Utilities. This site won’t let me attach the file, so I will try to upload to and provide the link, although its pretty easy to do yourself. I’ve also done a mod for the Ryan, but I haven’t tried it yet.

H4 mod is uploaded link

Spirit Mod

Here is the G-21A Grumman Goose autopilot mod if anyone wants it.

What autopilot control panel is that in your screenshot? Do you have a link to it?

Here you go, it’s really good. I’ve paid for the lifetime license and haven’t found a reason to regret it.

What autopilot panel is in the screenshots of the addon that you showed?


It’s one of the utilities built into the PMS GTN750. The mod integrates into the cockpit for compatible aircraft or you can have it as an overlay via the in-game toolbar on aircraft that normally wouldn’t have a GPS panel.

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It will show up in the hover menu at the top of FS?

Yes there’s an extra icon on the toolbar once you install the mod.

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