Any way to kill the monitor "eyes?"

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if there was a way to kill the mirrored “eyes” that appear on the monitor while in VR. Could it be affecting performance as the GPU is trying to run both at the same time? Running an older Lenovo explorer headset in windows mixed reality. Thanks!


Someone should post a sticky on the forum. You need to opt into the beta for Oculous. It fixes it and many have reported it

I’m talking about on the monitor screen itself. It’s a mirror image of what is being viewed in the headset.

Not sure…but it should have no impact on performance.

I know you can disable WMR mirror from the start menu but I think the moment that SteamVR takes over, this gets reenabled. I personally have not yet been able to figure out how to disable monitor output on SteamVR and I’ve been looking for a few years now.

The image on screen is simply a mirror of the frame buffer going to your headset and doesn’t impact performance. Fought with this forever on DCS and other applications until we realized that.

try going into options then general then graphics and switching to windowed mode from full screen, then minimise the window when in vr mode, this will stop the pc from displaying the vr view on the monitor so it might also reduce the gpu load.

You might lose mouse interaction with the sim if you minimise the window. I would just move it to the bottom of the display so you only see the menubar.


Is it possible to get the “eyes” (shown side by side) on my monitor but without vr hardware? I have a 3D tv that converts this half side-by-side “eye” information, by wearing 3D-glasses, to a 3D user experience. This would allow me a VR experience albeit without the headtracking (although I already found an app that uses a smartphone camera for head/face tracking). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but even if it is you certainly wouldn’t get the immersion. With VR you are no longer sat looking at a monitor (or a 3D TV) you are sat in the aircraft!


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That I don’t know. Thats honestly a good question. I don’t know if it’s actually considered VR though? Sounds like Stereoscopics which is completely different. If it’s possible it wouldn’t be related to the VR stuff. You would probably have to get specialized software to do that. I know nVIDIA once upon a time had that built into their nVIDIA control panel but I think it got removed when VR came out.