Any worthy Android app add-ons?

I have a bunch of Google Play Store credit but can’t find anything to spend it on, so was wondering if there are any worthwhile apps that compliment FS experience?


I was actually just thinking of this yesterday, by now you’d think there’d be something out there that’s quick, convenient and doesn’t require you stuff around in a browser. Specially when it comes to charting being a good example.

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Well I use SIMDashboard to select different camera views. You can also set it up to click on your planes switches

Of use elsewhere, but I use Windy for weather amd wind info. There is an overlay for airports which will give their local weather as well. I use it very often now.

Metar-Taf (visual decoder for metar and taf) - personally think its the best METAR/TAF decoder on Android, check it out! highly recommend it.


The OP implies payware apps.

For me, the best Android app is free of charge: AirMate

Charts for all countries based on the official AIP publications.

Almost negates the need for other charts services…


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