Any XBOX users bought EPMO Warsaw or LGMK Mykonos?

Has anyone bought EPMO Warsaw by Drzewiecki design or LGMK Mykonos by 29Palms airports and do they work fine on the XBOX? I would like to purchase them, but want to make sure they don’t cause CTD. I’ve searched the forums and have not found any comments (other than a lot of Drzewiecki design’s do casue CTDs. I’m hoping this smaller Warsaw airport might not be a problem) or maybe EPSY by Drzewiecki design. The Drzewiecki airports are on sale and are so tempting.

Just to let everyone know. I ended up taking a chance and bought both airports and happy to say no CTD’s! (on the 1st trips in and out so far anyhow). They look great also. My 1st purchase of RHAA Tokyo Narita airport by Drzewiecki design didnt do very well. Lots of CTDs. It looked great, but was really hard to leave the airport without a CTD for whatever reason. Prob just too much for the Xbox.


Yeah, well EPMO Warsaw by Drzewiecki CTD’d me today after landing and pulling up to the gate. So whatever, it didn’t yesterday, so its a ■■■■ shoot with his airports I guess. Same goes with his EPKK John Paul II airport, sometimes after landing and going down the taxiway it gives out, sometimes it doesn’t. But the good news is LGMK Mykonos by 29Palms airport has yet to give me a problem and I’ve landed there quite a few times in the stock 320N and smaller airplanes.

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