Anyone able to help? A320 Jetstar textures question

I have been tidying up a few tiny issues with this brilliant Jetstar Australia livery from Jackal (, and have succeeded with all but two: some orange on top of the vertical stabiliser, and some more orange where it should not be on top of a couple of the canoes, one on each side. If anyone is able to direct me to where in the textures files I can rectify these two matters, I would be very grateful! TIA.

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Great to see some Aussie repaints. I noticed that the forward top point of the orange star on the tail is off the tail completely, when the actual aircraft has both top points visible on the tail. If both points are present in the source texture, then perhaps adjusting it may also fix some of the orange appearing where it shouldn’t. I have found that a small overrun on a body part can often turn up in odd places. This is unrelated to your question, but also notice you have black cockpit window surrounds, when VH-VFX has body coloured surrounds.

This matte gun metal grey looks indeed impressive!
But sorry I cannot help you because I have never fully repainted an Airbus, but I assume the wrong-coloured zones of the plane have something to do with with the red star or the red belly.
Try to paint some random coloured lines into all red areas of the livery and see if a specific colour code shows up somewhere on the stabilizers.
Then you will know what red part of the paint is the culprit which also wrongfully colours the stabilizers.
I guess the red belly must be painted in the same glossy aluminium finish, or the star logo must be placed a little bit more to the front or back area to prevent it from colouring the wrong parts on the plane.