Anyone bought the Virtualcol Embraer 190?

Has anyone taken the chance on this plane? I’ve been advised to steer clear of it, but have there been improvements in this one? I know it’s not study level, but I’m just wondering if it’s still the mess that the 175 was when it was first released?

Waiting for a review on YouTube…

It’s fine, for the price. It works well enough. Some documentation would be nice, but it ain’t rocket science. it might take you a little while to figure out the logic behind the A/P (did I say some documentation would be nice?), but once you’ve got it, it’s easy to load up and get flying. I wasn’t expecting much, but I had a good idea of what I would get; I have bought from Virtualcol before. However, I was a little surprised by the quality, for the price. If you want to kick the tyres and light the fires, you can. If you want to do a full pre-flight cockpit drill, you can.

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Thanks. These guys have been given the gears for their 175 to the point where they apologized on the website for such a poor job. For 20 bucks Canadian, I might gamble on it. I’m not expecting PMDG quality or anything. That said, I have the Bredok3D 737 and I enjoy that…

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Ok, I just watched “Quantum Gaming Uploads” review of this plane on YouTube. Not worth your time. When you’ve got a developer that releases a plane with holes in the fuselage that you can squeeze through in real life, we’ve got a problem. Are there no standards??? Good Lord…

I just bought this plane thru the MSFS Market place and although the interior is a bit “plasticky,” it’s good enough for my level. It came with the E190 and E195 and a ton of additional liveries.

My bigger complaint is, there’s no glTF file of the plane’s exterior? How does this work?

I love to create liveries and I actually bought the plane with hopes of accessing its glTF file so I can import it into Blender.

Strange, as it must be calling up the plane’s exterior through the company’s server or something? I emailed the authors to see if they have a glTF file they are willing or able to share.