Anyone care to make this F-16A model functional?

I had modelled and uploaded this F-16A cockpit about 3 months ago and I thought I would just share this model to you guys. I do understand that it is an older F-16 (Block 15) but hey, a classic wouldn’t hurt making into a working aircraft!

Here are a couple of images from the model’s render:

There are a couple of model mistakes however; many are easy to correct:

  • IFF Panel has no Mode C test
  • 3 small panels are missing labels
  • Canopy seal on the left side is missing

I do hope that despite the issues, someone can make this into a mod.

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Great work there, very nicely done!

Animating a cockpit in MSFS is a lot of work though so you’d have to find somebody with the skills and time on their hands. There are a few F-16 mods out there though so it’s quite possible somebody would be interested. You should let them know what modeling software you’re using, as not all software will export the required gltf files ( I use Blender, 3DS Max is also used ).

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This model was made using 3DSMax (2019 ~ 2023 are the supported versions) so I would recommend using it as the main source file for the model is 3DSMax format.

I did include several exported versions though topology and materials may be a bit wonky in those formats lol.