Anyone else experiencing this ground mesh pop in like this?

I am trying to figure out how to fix this thing. It has only just started in the past week, and i cant figure out where its coming from. For some reason, the game loads in (extremely nice) ground mesh around the aircraft, while there is not so good looking (usual msfs) ground mesh a few hundred feet out from the plane. I am trying to find if anyone else has experienced this, and what a work around is?

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Yep. Good ol MS servers.


This problem is most likely a Bing maps issue. MSFS pops in more detailed maps as you get closer to something. This is only usually noticable where the different map detail images were taken at different times. You can chekc this by opening the area in Bing maps and then zooming in. If my guess is right then you will see something similar. If this is the problem then only Bing updating the maps for that location will fix the issue.

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I don’t think that’s it. The material you can see on Bing Maps is not identical to what we get in MSFS since for MSFS the textures are colour corrected (mostly) and the mesh also isn’t always the same. So it’s reasonable to assume MSFS data is streamed from different servers.
Also the terrain pop-in occurs with 3D mesh from other developers as well. This data, however is physically present on my PC, and thus not streamed. So it’s unlikely to be a Bing issue.
So I would guess the problem - like most other performance issues - lies with the graphics engine.

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You may be right. But I did some scenery design for Aerofly using Bing textures and experienced the exact same problem. The problem was always cuased by images taken at different times for the different zoom levels.

It’s a Bing maps issue, you can tour the south of the Isle of Man for a more psychedelic experience and compare. However it’s localised and doesn’t stop you from flying so a dedicated fix is unlikely. Hopefully newer data will be along soon.