Anyone else finally given up on photogrammetry?

Last night I finally had it! I was at 1500AGL in a c172 and looked out the window at the amazing photogrammetry below. Then I looked forward and saw the apocaplyptic wasteland that is the city ahead of me.

The photogrammetry can be terrible!!

I switched it off last night and wow…the ai generated stuff looks so much better when weighed overall.
I think they need to implement some way to have the photogrammetry loaded in a greater distance around the aircraft. The forward view always looks like random boulders placed in an empty field until i am practically on top of them . . This is even when bumping up terrain detail past 100 Mbps internet. Even with the LOD text config hack I still think it looks terrible out the front of the aircraft.

Was going to file a zendesk help ticket, hopefully they can address this in a future update because it looks great when looking down on the scenery i’m directly over!


Very same here. I’ve tried the new OrbX free airport (Fairways in Oregon), and after take-off checked the surrounding area. The rendering distance seems to be very low fot photogrammetry. The houses in the nearest area around me were looking good, but not too far away it was a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The frame-rates were good, around 48-54fps (depending on cloud coverage) so I guess my system could handle the extra polygons of some more detailed photogrammetry objects.

I’ve experimented with setting the “Objects Detail” slider to 140 and later on to 200 but it didn’t help much. After that I’ve manually cached the area in high detail but it didn’t change anything.

Interestingly last week I flew above Rome, just to test photogrammetry and the visuals of the buildings were really good.

So I guess there is some kind of LOD / distance settings coded into the software but at this point we don’t have a slider to manipulate it. I hope it’s not a difficult task to fix it, because I think the lack of detailed PhGramm. buildings is not because of our inadequate hardware (see decent frame rates I’ve mentioned above.)

Yeah that’s the thing here too. No problem with framerate -just a high FPS bombed out cityscape lol

Just an aside on the Orbx Fairways…pretty good, right?

I 1st flew the airport stock (eww), then with manual High cache (better), then the Orbx - huge difference! It was a nice intro for me to their products (And free!) so will have to keep an eye on their releases.

no, not given up on anything

Yes, it’s a really nice looking airport. I’ve had only some minor issues:
-First I tried it with the Diamon DV20, and I stuck in the grassy taxiway. I know the small Diamond isn’t exactly a bush-plane but shoud it stuck in an airport like Fairways?
-After that I choose the C152 and a coldstart, starting at a parking spot. The plane spawned right in front to a building, and there was no option to call for pushback. I somehow managed to quickli turn around the plane, and heading to the runway, but I clipped some trees and fences. Spawning the plane with its tail to the building would be better.

Anyways these are really minor issues, and the airport is very detailed and a nice add-on. Especially for free.

Turned it off at the weekend, looks much better without on my system.

Not for me.

Even though I have a fast enough connection, I manually cache the areas I will fly around for the day.

I do think as time goes on they will refine the quality of what we see. We have to remember,
photogrammetry has NEVER been done before in a sim, so it will take time for them to get better at it.


Just a FYI, left shift + P will enable immediate push back. I hope that helps you in the future.

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The world is mostly with out cites , go out explore , find the good stuff. Enjoy it

Flying rtw trip now in c172 loving it,

Republic of the Congo atm Real time/weather/live MP

Yes that is a rainbow with the moon in the background

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Ok, I give… What is this photogrammetry and where do you turn off/on this setting?

Thanks, it’ll come handy because I prefer small airports without ATC. (until now I thought pushback is only available through ATC call)

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Check in the Options/Graphics/Data area - there are all kinds of stuff in there related to imagery, etc. may be in there(?).

I assume you mean all the available settings underneath the Options/General/Graphics tab? I dont see any one setting related to photogrammetry let alone turn it off/on. Is it under another name?

Its under Options - General - Data

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Shoot - sorry - not in front of my PC. I was hunting around last night in all that stuff in “Data”, but my memory aint what it used to be! Hopefully someone who knows better will respond.

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ah… thank you… I couldn’t see it because it was greyed out.

I would do the same, but the manual cache system UI (one big gripe I have) is terrible to use until they allow you to freely select an area at any zoom level and assign it a detail level.
If i want to paint a city at high detail it takes far too long, scrolling - painting, scrolling - painting, etc.