Anyone else have a CTD problem with Navigraph?

I’d only had one consistent problem with CTDs and that was every time at EIDW, either on the ground, on approach or sometimes on the loading screen. I finally caved and bought a Navigraph subscription for the updated data and the awesome chart software. Well…in one day of using, I can’t count the number of CTDs I have had, EVERYWHERE! I was able to complete one flight from LAS-SAN in the working title modded CJ4. The FBW Airbus is usueless for me now with Navigraph as my F-PLN page will go blank on entry of SIDS/STARS. The one, weird bright spot is now…EIDW doesn’t CTD! Anyone else have problems with Navigraph?

Please can you post your issues with the details in the Navigraph forum as well. Possible we can help there.

Currently there are no known CTDs reported. Not here, nor in our forum bit anyway, let us know when we can help you …

Happy New Year


I will shortly. Thanks.

I’m using Navigraph (Beta) with FBW A320 (Dev Version) at the moment with no issues. Have been using this since the Navigraph Beta came out.
The only issue I have every now and then is with the USR points. There is a fix for this as you cannot delete these points (i use the DIR TO then next point).

What version of the FBW are you using, and also are have you installed the latest version of Navigraph Beta (there was an update a couple of weeks ago and also the latest ARAC cycle?

Tried both the latest dev and stable builds of the FBW Bus. I am using the latest navigraph stuff as I just subscribed and downloaded everything. Simbrief airac is updated and I am importing FPs through both the modded CJ4 and FBW flight computers. Maybe its something there?

There is a conflict between the cj4 and a320 mods. Remove one from your community folder when using the other. This worked for me


Interesting. I’ll give that a try…seems I used both with no issues before Navigraph but I’ll try later today.

Are using the SimBrief plan import on the FMC? If so note that it doesn’t load the SID/STAR as IRL you have to enter these manually.
Depending where I fly from and too, I import the SimBrief plan into Navigraph do any tweaks to SID and STAR and then load this plan into FSMS2020. I then change the FUEL, INIT and PERF in MFC as per the SimBrief OFP


I’m pretty sure I have done it that way as well. I’m more concerned with the CTDs galore since installing navigraph than I am with the FBW mod working but it’s a bummer for sure.

What’s your flight plan? I’ll try it and see if I get a CTD :grin:

Do you have Dublin airport? Addon scenery? Because on my flight from Dublin to Antalya I had a CTD too. But it was little after departure above the Netherlands.

EDIT: I have no navigraph on this pc - just FSUIPC and Little navmap.

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