Anyone else having sound issues?

After update my sound is junk. music has a of and on issue… the star up is good but when you get to the home page, the music on and off… sux…

I have music problem only during loading screens.

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I don’t have sound issues, but you may need to check your windows sound settings, your speakers, and check your MSFS sound settings.

If you set to Mute Sound on background to on, it will turn off the sound and music whenever the sim is “not in focus” in the Windows perspective.

No, in fact after the update sounds in the cockpit seem to be better. I still would like the have the volume controls work on the nav radios.

I’ve had this issue, where it will be silent except every few seconds it will chirp with a burst of the in-game noise/music. The only thing that seems to fix it is restarting the sim. I’ve submitted a bug report but haven’t seen anything else about it.

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