Anyone Else Love the 747?

Obviously, on Xbox, we are limited to what we can obtain for Airliners.

Given that, I was wondering if anyone else favors the 747 over all the others. There is something about the cockpit, the two-tone café and brown interior, the fact that I get to use all four of my Boeing TCA throttles and knowing I’m piloting this big, big aircraft that sort of makes my heart swoon.

I remember the first time I flew on one and I thought it was the coolest.

I’d love to see this aircraft get some more love from the developers (some oil pressure would be a welcome start!).

Anyhow, I’m glad I’ve got it by default.

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Iconic aircraft for sure. I personally am more interested in GA than airliners but I definitely take the big bird out for a spin once in a while.

Can anyone recommend some of the shorter, real world 747 routes?

I’m definitely GA prone, too.

I’ve been using the UPS Cargo livery and flying one of their routes from KOAK to KPHX.

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I believe some Japanese airlines use the 74 for some very short routes….these are used as mass people movers on Japans intercity routes.

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The 747SR and 747-400D were purpose-built for that. Not sure if they use the -8I in that role.

I’m a huge fan of the 200 and the sp and I saw just flight is getting the 747 classic to development for Microsoft flight simulator :slight_smile:


That’s great news.

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Finally someone noticed the amenities of the 747. Especially the comfy carpet and the cozy seats that is fitting perfectly in the two-tone interior. The uniqué menu-bar style turbine setting indicators on the screen.
A true connaisseur knows to enjoy the 747 :wink:

But I have good news, the 777 has a very similar cockpit, it almost looks like a Jumbo Jet cockpit but spiced up with some funky neon-green lighting at night.
And there will be a PMDG 777 soon™.

And I have heard rumors that the Boeing 747 has a basement below the cockpit that can be accessed via a small manhole. If you bring your pet wombat in the cockpit on Wombat Day it will find a species-appropriate natural habitat down there, just like a real burrow!


I just got used to flying (and landing) the 777 The 747 is next on the list!

Lufthansa LH1158 from EDDF (Frankfurt) to LEPA (Palma de Mallorca) was actually a 2h flight operated in summer using 747-8i D-ABYT (retro livery) cause of high demand after COVID restrictions were lifted :slight_smile:

It’s especially funny as LEPA does not offer equipment for handling such a large aircraft so they had to park somewhere on the apron and deboard/board using stairs.


I absolutely love the 747 ,not so much the 800 though.My favourites were the 100/200 back in the day :scream:when I was involved with them,now that is what I call a real cockpit! .l do hope if it is made for msfs one day and we on Xbox also get a look in ,the only other detailed one I remember was Ready For Pushback 747 which was very complex in its day.I liked how the RFP model was always looking for more engine power,the msfs -800 has too much?

We have done some flights together with friends with the 747, in FSX, in Prepard3D and here in FS2020, we enjoy flying these planes.


I have been enjoying the 787. I need to get back to the 747.

Not really never really got into flying the Queen. I like 2 engined long haul myself. But saying that I’m very much looking forward to the FBW A380.

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