Anyone else using FlightLog Analyzer?

I’ve been using FlightLog Analyzer to plot my flights on the map and to see where I haven’t flown already, so I can try to cover most of the world (instead of always flying to the same places).

I’ve seen people using it to clean the game’s logbook (as to remove bad flights, short flights, test flights, etc… ) and also I’ve seen a lot of people using it to export the logbook to Volanta or to other apps, as no other tool is able to import the logbook from the game until now.

Its features are:

  • View All your Flights, read directly from Flight Simulator’s Internal Logbook, without having to open Flight Simulator

  • View Flight Routes on Google Earth® and on OpenStreetMap®

  • Create Altitude Profile Charts

  • Export the FS Logbook to .CSV, .XML, and .KML files (which can be imported into Excel, Google Earth, Volanta, LittleNavMap, etc…)

  • Perform Grouping-Analysis on Flights by ‘Flight Attributes’

  • Backup and Restore Microsoft’s Flight Simulator Logbook

  • Edit Flight Simulator’s Logbook to Permanently Remove Unwanted Flights

It is available at

What are you using it for ? Would you recommend it to a friend or do you have any suggestions to make ?


I’m surprised there’s not more traffic on the FlightLog Analyzer app.

I tried the original website version and it worked great, but now there’s a client app that I like a lot better. I initially had an error from the app, but I emailed support and they cleared it up for me in a few days with a new build.

Really cool to see all my flights in one place, especially with a map too. The app shows a lot more information than the in-game log shows. Performance is great too, and I have over 1100+ flight hours across 6000+ flights.

Definitely encourage folks to give it a try. Well worth it.


I am using it now happy payed Customer. Bought MSFS day one almost fly every day…plethra of aircraft, fly mostly 3rd party aircraft. My MSFS logbook looked a mess. Now starting from scratch…I am sure I have done over 2000 hours but according to MSFS logbbook only 498 hours no takeoffs and a few landings.

However it still will not log my takeoffs because I dont use MSFS ATC, however it logs my Landings. “If its not documented it did not happen” god knows how I landed if I did not take off. This tool however lets me delete flights I would not want to log because I am learning a new aircraft I bought.


I bought it recently to fix my logbook from corrupted records. To my surprise it fixed also MSFS hanging up on exit. Apparently, the logbook was the reason why it couldn’t shut down properly.

Is it possible to export only selected flights to programs like Volanata? Or is it all or nothing?

You can export selected flights. Just select one or more, right click and EXPORT. The only problem is it won’t export the flight path, only departure and arrival airports and Volanta will draw a straight line between them.


Actually, FlightLog Analyzer is cabable of exporting the flight pathes (Our other export formats Do include the path data).
The issue is that Volanta isn’t capable of accepting the flight path on their input file format. We’ve tried to reach out to them about this, hoping they would improve their import process, but they never replied to our emails or support tickets.


I bought it and love it, but I am disappointed that it is throwing an error trying to access my achievements progress and there seems go be nowhere to reach out for help.

Even so, I tidied up my log and allows me to export and backup the data.

The achievements tools is broken and unreliable. I don’t know where it gets the achievement progress from but definitely not from the game or Steam.

Hi TG6261934, are you using a MS STORE version or a STEAM version of the game ? I suspect the problem might be related to that, we are currently just reading the achievements from the MS STORE, still integrating with STEAM API for that.

Hi Marklar666,

I suspect this can be related to the FlightLog Analyzer searching your achievements progress on MS STORE and not on STEAM. Can you confirm if you used the MS STORE version at first and them moved to the STEAM version ?


Correct. I used MS Store for a few months and then moved to Steam.

I have the MS store version.

A browser opens as asks me if I want to grant permission. I grant it.

I then get a few 400 errors and finally a 403. These appear as dialog boxes from flight log analyzer.

Hi Marklar,

Perfect, understood. We are working on the Steam achievements, please write us a message ( and we will keep you informed about the progress!

Weird, it wasn’t supposed to do that. Can you please write us a message so we can provide support and debug what is happening ?


Good morning. Steam Achievements are already being accepted as well, just download our latest update and you will be good to go !


Too bad you never replied. :skull::rage:

Hi @LilacBadge40509. Would you consider adding filter option so we can display only flights that match certain criteria? For example, I would like to list flights I did in Comanche 250 or flights departed from EGSS…

I can export everything and do it in Excel, but it would be nice to have this ability in the app.

Hi Marklar,
This is in our roadmap, and I’ll try push this to the top of the list! It is a good suggestion and might be useful to several other customers.

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Marklar666, one suggestion: You can already do some basic filtering using our GROUP ANALYSIS window. Here are the instructions:

  1. Open the Group Analysis window

  2. Select Aircraft Model from the dropdown

  3. You’ll see the Comanche entry in the list

  4. Side Note: At this point they could right click on this row and select Plot, edit, etc

  5. Double click on that row

  6. The main display will now be filtered to show only Comanche entries

  7. You can then order the flights by the other columns, to see flights from a specific airport with this aircraft, etc…

We are also discussing the possibility of addind a full FILTER SCREEN to allow for the combination of filters, but I think this guide can help you for a while.


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