Anyone enjoy coastline flying?

I’ve been flying only 6 months. Anyone enjoy low coastline flying in small GA aircraft? Decided to fly every coastline around the world after becoming capable of landing without crashing. Looking to join my first coastline event, or maybe create one.


I am Japanese and I like the Seto Inland Sea in Japan.
I like the route from RJBO to RJFO.

Will fly your route, looks great.


Hello, i havent really done any coast line flying, but i live in Ohio, and i plan on following my local river to the Ohio river, then southwest to the Mississippi river to the gulf of Mexico. I think that would be a fun trip. But message me and id like to join you on yout coastal flights.

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Living in Myrtle Beach I enjoy flying along the Grand Strand down to Florida and back. Some larger cities along the way, Charleston, Savanah, Jacksonville, down to Cape Canaveral, Miami.

Love that area…had great vacations near those areas and like flying low over beaches.

PilotEdge’s CAT 11 Rating had me doing my first coastline flying (dodging Restricted Airspace and entering a Bravo, too!) and I enjoyed it!

If you ever want to take your flying / real-world communication skills to the next level, I highly recommend PilotEdge. It is a paid service, but it’s really immersive. Flying on a network with others, and communicating with ATC is way cool.

While not “coastline” flying, I did fly the TN river from 8A1 to KAPT.

Cool… I might set that as a goal as I improve!

My go to airport is Sestri (Genoa) on the Mediterranean, in between Nice/Monaco and Naples/Capri. And then the mountains all the way down right behind them.

My first big trip in msfs was the Austrailian coast. Flew from Parafield airport in Adelaide all the way up to Cairns on the east coast in the Cessna 152. You’ll also find me cruising up and down Florida’s atlantic coast between Jacksonville and Key West in the DC-3.

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Coastal flights are great, and for VFR often my first choice. For the first 18 months on xbox I flew mainly VFR and most often coastal or island routes.

One advantage is it makes navigation very easy!

For the last 6 months on PC I mainly fly the Fenix A320 but still many of my destinations are coastal or islands, or I at least fly coast for part of the route.

Yesterday I flew my vision jet on a local route and one of my favourites, from the excellent freeware YKSC along the coast to the also excellent freeware YADG (although I paid for this one on marketplace back when I used xbox).

I’ve started several coastal circumnavigations around countries but I never seem to finish them. :thinking: