Anyone familiar with Aerosoft Simple Traffic?

When I set off-line traffic and all other settings as recommended by the manual, all the GA aircraft on the ground disappear, especially at small airports no GAs are existent. Any solution? Thanks

This link to Aerosoft’s forum answers the question.

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Looks like the answer is No :slight_smile:

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I am hoping someone develops an offline GA package for small and medium sized airports. It’s certainly do-able. I use Simple Traffic but added a handful of Air Tahiti ATRs to visit some of the small Polynesian islands. Next project is to add some light traffic to the Hawaiian Islands.

I add some ground static traffic anyway even if the Liveries might be off. It give life to the smaller airports I use.

The sim will still generate GA flying traffic because ST only supercedes the scheduled commercial traffic in Offline. GA will always exist and be flying no matter if you use Live or Offline.

But when I do offline with the recommended settings all of the small airports are void of any aircraft on the ground, thats why i am still flying with live traffic on. But this creates another visual issue: even class C or D airports are filled with international airlines.

I increase the ground traffic, no matter if I’m flying Online or Off. That gives me planes on the ramps and gates.

If you want to avoid jetliners at C&D class, use Live.


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