Anyone flying in VR?

Hello pilots

Anyone flying in VR ? How about the performance? I would love to see some optimization for VR, sometimes pixels are flickering and not smooth, even with a nice pc…I have Oculus Rift S and my PC is this:

i5 - 13600KF
32GB DDR4 3600Mhz
RTX 4080 OC 16GB
Oculus Rift S

Good setup but with the processor as a major weakness. Should probably be an I9 to match with the 4080. I am an AMD person so not sure of the exact Intel specs but deffo needs a better processor.

Edit. looks like the I5 is a great processor so sorry for the post. I must be wrong.

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i9 14900k & 4090 here, and VFR is smooth as butter in a Valve Index.

I actually have to turn the resolution UP to 125% to get rid of some stutters. Maybe just a timing thing? Had to tax my CPU to play nicely with the GPU? (or vice-versa)

Flickering pixels may be a Rift thing? :person_shrugging:t3: I’ve never experienced that in VR (Index) and I used a 7700k & 3080ti for a couple years.

I switched from Valve Index to HP reverb 2. The index had noticeable screen door effect, especially looking at clouds. liked the wide field of view of the Valve, but the sharpness of the small writing in cockpits etc, make the HP a stand out.

I have an I9 12900KF, 32 GB DDR5 Ram, and a 3080TI and VR is nice.

The amount of VR optimazation currently in is miles beyond anything else I’ve ever seen before. The fact you actually can play in VR with an i5 is the best proof of that :slight_smile:

There is a separate section on the forum regarding VR.

Hell, yes!!!
Every single flight, since the day I got MSFS, 2 years ago…

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Wow - an i9 14900! You just came back from the future?

I’m tester for the Meteor Lake Dev Team.

My next headset will be a PiMax12k. The biggest downside to VR as compared to flying irl, is the narrow FOV.

Feels like I’m wearing a scuba mask…

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Wow, cool!
Under NDA, I assume…

If not: how does it work with MSFS, compared to the 13900? Incremental improvement or quantum leap?

I think is about my oculus bro. I mean image looks not so sharp, and sometimes is not so smooth, maybe is about rift refresh?