Anyone flying the 2021 across the pond Westward

This upcoming Saturday, I will be deporting ENGM at 7:13 am heading for KDEN. I will be flying the Asobo B78X. I thought I would post this topic for a good sample of a long haul flight on a very busy server to see or validate everything I’ve said about my experience so far with msfs2020. For those who don’t know, I haven’t had a CTD nor any problems like others have described. The only non problem is my total hours and logbook disappeared after an update. I will report back on my journey with photos and problems I had along the way. I’m so excited for this flight.


That’s pretty brave taking the 787 on such a vatsim event!

All the best :rofl:


Thank you.

I haven’t gotten to the big leagues with Vatsim yet, but I flew around the world westward a few weeks ago in the Longitude, and went across the Atlantic from Dublin to Halifax. Fun!

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What plane did you use for the flight?

The Longitude. Flew from Reno to Nome to Yakutsk to St. Petersburg to Berlin to Dublin to Halifax to Cincinnati to DFW and then back to Reno.

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Just wondering if you do use currently or will be using in the test flight the B78XH mod?

I find it to be a great addition to the aircraft.

At this point, I’ve been using the Asobo B78X that came with it. I feel comfortable using this plane right now. I’ve been checking it out in regards to Vatsims rules and the FMC works well with my current Navigraph charts and procedures. I’ve been reading about the mod and I’ll install it after the event. Right now i don’t want any issues on my end, since this is a major event. Are you flying in the event?

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Hi, good luck with your up and coming west bound flt, I flew Gatwick, JFK 18yrs ago on vatsim, and last night at 12,55 am i landed at Gatwick from JFK, the last leg round the world trip, 69 hrs, 21 hops, via, Greece, Saudi, india, hong kong, Japan, Henderson field, Honolulu , LA, midwest, JFK, Gatwick, lol, i wS so tiered i decided to do ILS 26L, but even though it was high lighted magenta it did not work, hence missed approach go around, lol got there in the end manual landing, lots of stress lol.


Just got a slot, Copenhagen to SFO. It’s going to be a bit of a stretch for the FBW A320. Fortunately mine is equipped with all the options including mid-air refueling.

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Tried to get a slot last night, all full. Will keep checking of any open up.


Lol. They’ve got the Airforce tankers stationed right outside Oh Canada. Lol. Should be great fun watching this carry out. Wouldn’t that be something. Lol

Deadline for slots was last week. I just got my airport briefings yesterday. They are issuing the routes and will be sent out 12 hours before the event. I’d keep trying, never know pilots may cancel their slots.


I’m really starting to get a not so easy feeling. Today and only today my B78X basic started messing up a little. No new updates and never experienced these issues before. Vatsim Cross the Pond is Saturday. A very big event. Now for out of the blue my B78X is acting up. Not big problems but enough that will distract me while flying. I sometimes over think things. I’m just going over setups for flying, not with my CPU. My PFD started not showing my V-speeds and the the set speed nor altitude. Flying tomorrow with my B78X and let y’all know if problem continues.

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