Anyone go from a 3080ti to a 3090?

If you don’t know it, you can get GPU’s now a days for decent prices. MSRP on my 3080ti when I bought it last fall was $1769 USD plus tax. I felt fortunate that I was able to get one. That same card is now $1269-ish brand new. I can only hope the filthy scalpers have to eat a LOT of cards that they bought up!

That aside, anyone go from a 3080ti to a 3090? I suppose all said and done I can upgrade for just a couple hundred bucks. Would like to hear from someone who’s done it to know if they saw any real improvement in VR. I’m running a G2 headset.

There’s absolutely no reason to go from a 3080ti to a 3090 if you just use it for gaming. The only advantage of having the 3090 is if you use it for graphics intensive work where you work with raw data.


They are close enough to identical except for VRAM. For all intents and purpose the 3080ti actually is a “3090 lite” not a beefed up 3080 . Benchmarks report about a 1% difference in performance.

The 4xxx cards are due out later this year or early next year. I would wait for those before upgrading.

Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti vs. RTX 3090 Specs

RTX 3080 Ti RTX 3090
GPU GA102-225 GA102-300
Interface PCIe 4.0 PCIe 4.0
CUDA cores 10,240 10,496
Tensor cores 320 328
RT cores 80 82
Base clock 1,365MHz 1,395MHz
Boost clock 1,665MHz 1,695MHz
Memory 12GB GDDR6X 24GB GDDR6X
Memory speed 19Gbps 19.5Gbps
Bandwidth 912GBps 936GBps
Memory bus 384-bit 384-bit
TDP 320W 350W
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All good information. I just wasn’t sure if that double vram would be noticeable. Thx.

I have a 3090, got an MSI Ventus towards the end of 2020. The VRAM is nice but the drawback is the problem cards have with keeping it cooled. My hotspot temp used to exceed 105 degrees and the card would get so loud that I was worried the fans would break. I have to undervolt it in order to bring the temps down.

The card is nice and quiet now and still runs very well, but at a slight underclock.
If you ever use 3D Mark Timespy, my highest scores on that are around 18,000 for total score and 19400 I think for GPU alone.

If you run that test you can compare your own performance. It’s likely you are already there or faster if you’re card has better cooling than mine. I’ve seen user reports breaking 20,000 with a 3080Ti.

Also, the 4090 will be out within a few months.

So what happens to all these 1 year old super GPUs? Do you just pile them up in the closet or sell 'em on eBay or what.

I think the highest my MSI 3080ti has got so far is about 94. That was putting Flight Simulator through the ringer with the F18 in the Grand Canyon in VR for 30 minutes or so. I had one of the HP Omen machines with an OEM 3080 in it and it would get up to 106. According to Nvidia that’s still within spec and below the throttling threshold but still made me nervous. To me that was just poor case and cooling design. My 3080ti is in my home built machine with a ThermalTake 200 case. 3 fans in the front, one exhaust at the back, two up top for the CPU radiator and 3 on the GPU.

My temps are definitely the card and not the case. My CPU and motherboard temps are really low. Unfortunately the standard of thermal paste application has been bad on many 3090 brands. If I was more confident I’d redo mine, but I’m not technically minded enough to risk voiding the warranty like that. Undervolting has got it to a point I’m happy with it now at least.

The next time I buy a GPU I will pay more attention to brand and after market cooling model.