Anyone know how to turn off the mouse-over assists?

How do you disable mouse-over toot tips?

Look under the Accessibility menu

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Thank you VERY much!

I forget what the setting is called but it is a drop down with the default of “lock”. Change that to legacy

Anyone assist on this Update.
I have read through the Forums but for some reason, I cannot Set the Fuel Selector switch on the left and right engine of the Beechcraft Baron.
I switched to Legacy on the Mouse after seeing the Cockpit Interaction (disliked it).
The Sim is being “dumbed down” too much?
The mouse used to be able to make the Selector move, but that still doesn’t work.
I assigned buttons on the Bravo Throttle, still nothing.
The Master Switch is On and wondering if I’m missing something. Wasn’t this hard before.
Thanks for any assistance.
Update, it seems to be a universal issue with any aircraft. More bugs to clean off the windscreen…