Anyone know if any developers are working on a high quality KMEM (Memphis, TN USA)?

Seems like it would be a great addition to MSFS since it’s the home of FedEx and such a busy cargo airport. Maybe it’s because there are currently no planes in MSFS that FedEx flies except the Cessna 208 and the 777 (but it’s Captain Sim).

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I’m surprised too. Of course, it is no longer a hub for any commercial airliner. There is a great KMEM on that I highly recommend. No passenger terminal enhancements but a great frame friendly addon that puts the default to shame.

KMEM is my home base.

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Thank you for the heads up on this! I frequent their site but overlooked KMEM. Definitely going to download it and put it to use.

Thanks again!

Axonos has developed KMEM with a fully modeled FedEx hub. They appeared to be literally days from release but SU8 caused issues with the project. They were waiting for support and documentation from Asobo to fix the problem, but in a post earlier this week they stated the project is now halted due to recent events affecting the artist. They’ve posted some great preview shots over the last few months on their discord server, the FedEx hub facilities and aprons look fantastic. Hopefully we’ll see an eventual release someday.

You sure it’s not the xplane version? I don’t recall them posting anything about an msfs version. Maybe I missed it.

Yes sir, you missed it. Its MSFS. Check their discord, tons of previews since February.

Ah makes sense. Rarely on discord and I didn’t even know they had a server. Thanks!

Thanks for the heads up, paisl3ypark. I was hoping Axonos would be doing Memphis as I have their x-plane version and find it really quite good. Here’s hoping they will be able to get it out for MSFS. I’ve not been on there server for a while. Will take a look now.


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Yes FS Dreamteam is and will likely be released after KIAH

Oooh, someone buy this and let us know how it looks in person and how it does with frames. :slight_smile:

YES!! :grinning:. Alllllright, Hamilton!!

Looks like they’ve got the new concourse and even the Christmas lights on the main Terminal

Can’t wait to explore the FedEx side of things.


It’s a really good looking add-on, working on getting some frame rates

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Like having a decent KMEM and the FedEx ramp area finally (fly with I think overall it is just a bit too “clean” on the ramps, and could use just a few more static aircraft. I will see what FSLTL populates after the “Push” and share an image or two then.


Okay I broke down and bought it. Overall, pretty nicely done, with careful use of textures and nicely modeled but not overly ambitious internals. Not all the terminals have interiors, and those that do are not on the level of, say. Drzieweki Designs or FlyTampa, but they are nice and look good. Nice night lighting effects too. Best of all, this is an incredibly well-performing large airport. In the PMDG 737-800 BCF freighter, I was getting high-40s FPS in the cockpit and 48 - 59 FPS outside the plane sitting at the FedEx ramp.

With a default level of traffic from FSLTL, that dropped to the upper 30’s - low 40’s outside the plane. With a customized FSLTL settings of NO traffic at all, but also NO limit to ground aircraft, the program populated the airport with well over 100 aircraft. I was still getting low 40’s FPS outside the plane and about 32 - 35 FPS inside the cockpit.

Overall I’m pretty pleased. Agree that the ramp areas could use more oily stains and maybe overall the buildings could look a little less new, but this worlds better than stock, looks good and performs great.

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That’s what I wanted to hear. Thanks!

Thanks for the review. Can you toggle the static aircraft off?

My pics aren’t static aircraft - they’re FSLTL ground traffic. The airport itself does not have statics that I saw. Maybe over at the ANG side of the field but I didn’t look.

Awesome thank you very much!

You’re welcome. I just checked again - the only static aircraft that come with the scenery are three Tennessee ANG C-17 transports and some ground clutter (small cargo pallets) over by the Air National Guard Base hangers. There are also a bunch of (small) static cars on the parking structure by the main passenger terminals but that’s it.