Anyone know what this is?

Seems to be quite prevelent around Baltimore. Looks to me like an elongated shadow off a tree? There’s a few examples of it there where it looks like it’s connecting islands.

Could be that the water on one side is a different level than on the other side, producing a shadow. Sometimes flying toward it will cause the levels to even out.

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Cheers I’ll try that out

Usually happens between water designated as “ocean/sea” and water designated as “river”, or at least it appears to be that way.

I have seen a few lines across pieces of water eg some inland lakes that appear to have a small ‘step’. There hasn’t been that many, but they do look weird. Could be texture joins or something like that. Might be worth having a look on Bing maps too at the satellite data and see if there are any imagery anomalies in those exact area. I usually just ignore this type of visuals though.

Yes, correct.