Anyone think we'll ever see a fix to runway 8L at PHNL in Honolulu?

It’s probably one of the worst examples of auto-generated airport textures since it’s a major airport. I honestly thought it would get patched immediately after the game’s release, but one year later…not a pretty sight.

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The runway lines got all warped after one of the sim updates, not sure why but it originally was straight. As for the airport itself and the surrounding areas, I’ve been patiently waiting for some group to release a paid add-on to make it as it really is. OrbX did an add-on but it’s only for Prepar3D. Oh, just found this now (doesn’t include the airport though I don’t think) Waikiki, HAWAII » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Supposedly, FSDreamteam is working on a Honolulu airport addon. Let’s hope so!

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No, probably not.
I submitted a “Bridge Missing Spans” bug to Zendesk during Alpha testing and It is still there.
Bridges around KPNS (Pensacola International Airport) have missing spans and the vehicles drive through the water to the next span. The main bridge is south of KPNS and runs from Pensacola, FL to Gulf Breeze FL. It has breaks similar to Interstate 10 bridge since MSFS was released and KPNS is a Photogrammetry small city.

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Apparently not. The new game stuff is apparently why they have not been fixing stuff. :frowning:

The scenery editor is pretty easy to use. Go ahead and try to fix it and contribute to the community. You’ld be a hero for it.

Would much rather have the devs focused on new features then cleaning up every minor scenery flaw. They are, after all, supplying the entire planet as part of the original purchase price.

If its c rap and they know its c rap they should fix it.


I’ve reported a number of scenery/airport “mistakes” both here and via Zendesk since release and not a single one has been rectified or even acknowledged.

FSDT is doing PHNL - if it’s anything like their old FSX/P3D airport, should be good.
Additionally, ORBX has Honolulu City Landmarks on their roadmap for this year…

and, yeah… the runway lines are pretty bad :wink:

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I don’t see a bug filed for it in Bugs & Issues. You may want to write one up and post it there with screenshots.

Disagree entirely, they need to fix what’s blatantly broken in what they’ve supplied to us, not let us wait on 3rd party developers to fix issues especially when they charge for it. Of course the Autogen features can’t get everything spot on and it’d take a mammoth task to fix every single minor issue, which is where the AI learning needs to improve as well

In the meantime when bugs get sent to Zendesk and accepted at Zendesk then you’d think the developers would get around to fixing them, so for me instead of focusing on new features then need to fix what’s not working correctly first.

And where might one find that? And is it even remotely possible that it is as easy as drag and drop? I ask because an airport I use frequently is missing it’s taxiway lighting. So if I could somehow click on an image of a blue taxiway light, and drop it into something similar to a proper position (I couldn’t tell you how many there are on a given length of taxiway, or even if there is a standard, but I could get it close enough that nobody would notice), then I could fix at least that particular airport, and possibly some others, depending, again, on what exactly you mean by “pretty easy to use”.

If that’s a relative term coming from somebody who writes code for a living, it might not be as easy for me, who couldn’t code my way out of a wet paper bag, as said professional coder might call “relatively easy”. If that makes any sense. Frequently, I do not.



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