Anyone tried flying over the South Pole?

I’m doing a world tour on the TBM 930 and the simulator has no maps on the MFD for the south pole and seems to crash near the south pole. Has anyone tried flying over the south pole?

I can’t imagine the processing power required around a pole. It sounds ridiculous but the convergence of every angle and their increasingly quick change must be crazy. Similar to why you can’t point strait down or up in an FPS.

Edit not saying it impossible just I would love to see how hard a computer would need to work.

So we can’t fly over the south pole in FS2020 then?

I programmed a flight from the Falkland Islands to Australia, straight over the South Pole.

When you get within 3 degrees latitude from the south pole, apparently you discover a huge sea there not on any map.

Then you enter Hyperspace… The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s a bit of Millenium Falcon hyperspace jump effect.

When you get to within about a half-degree from the Pole, everything goes nuts for a few minutes. Sun rises, sets, rises, the plane banks this way and that, I was certain the whole thing was going to crash.

And then it settled, I checked the position on the FMS and was on the other side, Latitude 89 degrees, flying northwards towards Australia.

Then there were some ice mountains that would suddenly sprout up about 30,000 feet high.

So a bit wonky, but it didn’t break.

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The world is flat and the South Pole is the edge of the world. Microsoft knows it that’s why it crashes there.

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Maybe it’s actually Microsoft Truman Show Simulator…

or, it’s not a sim issue - that’s what really happens there.

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Sounds like time diletation. There must be a black hole on the south pole. Dont get to near or you will be sucked in. New landing challenge ?

I did it with the new Experimental aircraft in the Maverick DLC. With its 9 mach speed I crossed the entire continent in about half an hour. Yes around the south pole the ground 120,000 ft down below was weird. I think the “corrupted” area was about 200 nm around the very south point. However the artifacts on the ground texture helped me to know exactly where the 90S point is as several lines converged at that point. I used the nav map to help me to aim at the pole, by keeping heading “down” on the map. The magnetic heading reading should not help on that continent because magnetic pole is actually pretty far from the 90S point.

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