Anyone with LG OLED 55 C1 4K or similar as MSFS monitor

Anyone using an OLED HDR TV as a monitor for MSFS that could tell about the experience? Should I give it a try?

Thank you!

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Running a LG CX OLED TV as my main MSFS monitor in 55" size at 4K, mainly ultra settings. Could do with a better GPU as only using a 2080ti but happily in the 30-35fps range in cockpit on the DC-6 and up to 60fps with external views/at altitude.

I don’t know much about the C1 but the image quality on the CX is amazing in both SDR and HDR. I sit approximately 3.5 feet away and Windows desktop is also very legible.

I have a Nanocell OLED 50iN 4K TV it’s a great experience but I use a RTX3090.

It is a fluid experience after SU5 performance wise but there as we know the issues that SU5 introduced that still haven’t been fixed. Either way it does work well.

I use the LG 34WK95-U 5K monitor and I am really happy with it. I moved down to 80% render scale though due to constant micro stutters.

You should check your hdmi port settings on the monitor, if you have the availability of standard or extended, make sure your on extended, I had micro stutters here and there, and once I switched the port to extended no more stutters…even when Im chuigging along at 17 fps ;p

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55 inch LG C1 here. Really good. I use a 3090 with G-Sync.

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Yup, using a 65” CX and it’s fantastic. Definitely can’t go back to non-OLED anymore!


I am using DisplayPort, HDMI doesn’t support 5K at 60hz. As far as I can tell, it’s a deficit of MSFS, it goes away once I reduce render scale to around 60%. Then the frame rate always stays above 60 FPS and stutters are gone. However, if the frame rate is between 30 to 45 FPS (at native 5K resolution), stutters appear. They are more prominent when looking down to the terrain.

I have the LG 48" cx OLED and love it.

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Which CPU and GPU do you have with your LG OLED 48 CX? What is your resolution and render scale in the sim? Do you get always min. 30 FPS? Thanks :slight_smile:

If its me your asking 11900k,3080, 32ram 4k , ultra, RS100 40 to 45 fps , ultra, RS120 34 to39 fps, ultra, RS 130 25 to 32 fps

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I have a LG C1 48" and I love it. Great experience.
9900K and a 3080Ti.


48 CX here. OLED, glossy screen. Perfect for me. I’m using the ICC profile from Rtings.

Hi Shiloh,
great hardware setup! How did you put the Bravo quadrant under the desk? I would like to do the same but did not find a way…

I bought this : AllSportsSystems LowRider

But, if you google around, you will find cheaper DIY ways of doing it. DIY methods are based on the same principle of the lowrider with a piece of wood or a sheet of metal, etc


See my reply below in the thread below. I did a thread reply instead of replying to your post. my bad

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