Anyway of turning off instrument display on external cam?

I dont like going to external cameras and seeing those oversized instrument displays any button or way of turning them off?

secondly, i had 13 cameras earlier which has now reduced to 8, and im missing the wing views etc how do you get them back?

many thanks

Try the drone view - from my limited testing in beta try pressing “insert” key and using arrow or WSAD keys to move about…

trust me when I say limited :wink:

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Yes, there is a way ti disable the instruments in external view. It’s pretty well-hidden, though. I forget which of the options menus it’s in (one that seems non-obvious IIRC), but if you look hard enough you will find it.


wow quick replies guys thanks alot! ill give it a shot!

cheers for your reply so quick, in this drone view is there any way of making the mouse do the movement around the aircraft? it works in external mode but not drone view no mouse movement or input to zoom in or out or circle around the aircraft etc

It’s the “HUD” setting in the external Camera(?) view.

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Does this help?


awesome thankyou @funk

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lol - that’ll probably help me too… #feelsembarrassed

Squirrel is a great resource. He has a video in setting up the controls, which here in MSFS is a bit of a bind ( :joy: ), and another on getting the best performance from your rig.
Doofer is another great YouTube resource, especially for the A320.