AP Altitude capture

Seriously guys … How do you get the AP to capture an Altitude using VS mode ?
AP - CAP140
Altitude knob set to 5000 Feet
Vertical speed mode set for 1000 FPM
At 4000 feet AP Gives announcement
at 5000 Feet it just keeps climbing

Should it actually capture the target Alt ?
If so How do we set it up ?

Many thanks

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I have been simming since the 80’s and developing since 85

We move posts as needed out of General Discussion. Yours definitely doesn’t qualify as GD. It’s also not a defect report (yet).

And a Search of “KAP-140 ALT” leads to this sub-thread, which might be helpful.


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none of which answers my specific “QUESTION” (rather than a “GD”)
I have followed the rather patronizing “Pressing of B” and still my AP140 sails straight past any altitude set … I have also read the Pilots Guide (Many times, but thanks for the link anyway)

My Question still stands
Should it actually capture the target Alt ?
If so How do we set it up ?

My point is …
the AP140 does not seem to switch from VS MODE to ALT HOLD MODE when it should

You can contact this Mod author to collaborate!


And given you’re a Third Party creator, you have better contacts with MS-Asobo than the average user, certainly more than me. You can raise your concerns with them, but it might help to file a Zendesk if you can reproduce the error consistently. That way they have a point of reference. Good luck!

Yes mate, it should. As you know, setting 5000 feet on the AP just tells the AP that’s where you want to be, you then have to tell the AP how to get there by setting VS. If I remember rightly, in previous versions of flight sim the AP worked differently, in that you set ALT and turned AP on and it would automatically get there.