Apocalypse Now Redux

people have already started to recreate famous flights from the movies in Youtube.
Well there is the smell of Avgas in the morning too:

Incredibly, when you fly up the Nung river Asobo has put in the crashed B-52 the boat-team encounters in the mist (lacking the model they replaced it with a 747 for the time being) @ 20.100075, 102.280383:

the blown up Do Lung Bridge is faithfully recreated ( @ 20.570390, 102.615656) :

after Stanley Kubrick has devastated the Hue Citadel in Full Metal Jacket, unfortunately the Vietnamese have covered it with highrise-buildings (@ 16.469743, 107.577011):

guess they are prepping for MS Combat Simulator 2021 (with Wagner-blaring Choppers…)