Apology to developers re Meigs Field

So, um, I might have complained in a prior post that Meigs Field was missing. Well, egg on my face!!!

s/ CurdledTree18

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Flew into MSFS2020 Meigs, and it was the a pretty good representation of that the Chicago Major did to trash the place.
Then I discovered Guillermo’s Meigs Scenery, and it really made my nigh, (right through to 3:30 am )

BIG Thanks to Guillermo – I know how much time this Scenery stuff takes, especially when the new 2020 documention is so poorly lacking.

Flew in with the C150X – amazing … then after seeing what a good job Guillermo had made of the dock area, switched to the Icon As, and when sightseeing the dockside.

Brings back memories of flying at Meigs with the early Microsoft “wire frame” DOS Flight Sim. What a long way we have come :slight_smile:

I really cannot say THANK YOU enough for creating this, and I much prefer donating for the work of the small Independent developer, rather than the Big cORporate ones !!

Look forward to seeing more boats in the Marina – I think some there got flattened by the Chicago Major back when he “took down” the airport, and have sunk at their mooring !!