Appreciation for the development update!

I don’t know many companies that communicate so clearly on their development updates as Asobo/MS are doing now on MSFS. I really appreciate that. It clearly paints the picture of a journey in which good things are coming. Well done and keep making this sim better and better!

(and I would wish that there would be a button to hide all the negative comments following every bit of communication from Asobo/MS on the various forums… :wink:)


Agreed! I’m so stoked that they broke my favorite planes and aren’t going to fix them for months. I’d much rather have really pretty, updated scenery or some new content or third party payware for me to fly around and not look at cuz I’m trying to fly in a broken plane with broken systems. It’s perfectly fine to break game-critical things in an untested update, completely ignore hotfixes, and then just sit back and let the game not work for months while we “not start” nearly every major, game-breaking bug people report. Absolutely brilliant! Asobo dev’s deserve praise!

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Other than being fun at parties, I think you exaggerate when you say “let the game not work for months”. I think I have about 130ish hours in now, so it works well enough for me to continue flying.

An issue is found, and I attempt to work around that until it is fixed. It’s not great, but I can’t do anything about it. Sometimes there are workaround, like the “Do not press V” one for the VFR map. I had flight logging issues, found a workaround, now its not a problem any more, its an inconvenience.

How do you fancy some bush flying later? The official stream is off to PNG, and we’ll be flying the C208. I will be disappointed if that one person in a 747 doesn’t turn up, and I hope to see you there! It should be fun.


Sim works great for me too. I am flying the a320 mod. Zero crashes. A couple of autopilot mishaps but the rest has been perfect.

I think Asobo are doing a great job on comms but mostly discuss their updates on avsim since here its mostly a rant forum.

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Did a 2 hours flight yesterday in the TBM .it was 2 hours of flying in constant lightning. The live weather is so broken. And no word if it got fixed in the upcoming patch

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